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Time slips by so fast

Like a stream of sand

In an hour glass

If you could reach out your hand

And catch each grain

You'd see that each one has a different face

Different as the faces in a city crowd

They too stream by

With the determined force of a mill race

Faces that are blank or weary

Etched with pain

And sometimes even joy

Each one has a different song

Murmured quiet or shouted loud

Each one a life, short or long

If you could reach out your hand, again

And slow the pace just for a moment

Then do so my friend

Though no one really has power to postpone their end

We still can grasp each moment

Relish it before we let it go

Slipping between our fingers

Vanishing once more

In time's remorseless flow

SAC 3 July 2013

Hand with sand 3